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SCISHION is a leading TV Box manufacturer and aims to become one of the best TV Box manufacturers and brands in the world. Here, you can connect with the world and get access to the variety of the life — all designed to help you enjoy the life!

  • SCISHION V88 plus Mini PC 4K Set Top BoxesSCISHION V88 plus Smart TV HD Box Android 5.1 System

At present, SCISHION have more than 100 employees, and the business has built a high quality management team with professional, creative, and enterprising spirit. The staff including hardware senior engineers, software engineers and engineering technicians has all kinds of professional qualifications in radio, TV and films.

With SCISHION, you can stream unlimited movies with one of our official Droid TV Boxes. With thousands of applications and add-ons to choose from, you have a great choice. Free your TV with Limitless Entertainment. All our official Droid Boxes are hassle free, as you simply have to plug them in and play.

We have worked with GestBest in a deep degree.

What People Are Saying about SCISHION

This is a great TV Box, pre-loaded with Kodi, so just plug in and go. Does everything that a more expensive box will do. For the price I thought is was worth a go and have not been disappointed. Although has a good remote I would suggest buying small wireless keyboard as will make entering searches a lot easier.

-The package contains everything needed all for a small price
-Very good response for it’s worth
-A lot of ports to connect devices, memory cards etc

Works well, easy to set up plays 1080P content really well

The package contains everything needed all for a small price


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